Is Uni-Life free?

Yes, Uni-Life is 100% free for associations. We work together directly with universities to ensure that all associations can easily reach students with their cool & exciting events!

Where can I post our events?

To post your events, you can first register here. Once your university approves you, you'll be able to then login on your account (you will get a confirmation email once that happens).

How long does uploading an event take?

Uploading an event on Uni-Life can easily be done within a few minutes! You can also indicate when the event repeats or copy-paste events that are very similar!

With which universities does Uni-Life currently work?

At the moment, we are officially partner of the Erasmus University Rotterdam, TU Delft & Tilburg University.

Can I see how many students see my events?

Yes! With your personal dashboard you can see exactly how many students saw your events, how many liked your event and much more!

Do a lot of students at my university use Uni-Life?

Yes! Together with your university we ensure that thousands of students know about and use Uni-Life. We can therefore ensure your event will reach lots of interested students.

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