What is Uni-Life?

Hey there! We're Uni-Life, Pleased to meet you.

We believe in helping students get the most out of their student time. Explore new opportunities, make new friends & create new memories.

On our platform, you can find all the events from student associations, organisations, faculties, clubs & initiatives at your university!


While using the Uni-Life app, you'll come across communities, associations & meet-ups. But what are they?


Communities are informal groups setup by students for a certain interest (e.g. cooking).

You can follow the community to stay up to date on all their events, or join the chat to meet people and see what others are saying.

Create Community


Meet-ups are informal 1 on 1 meetings to meet other students (e.g. grab a coffee or go for a walk).

You can find all student meet-ups in the general calendar, or create your own (anonymous) meet-up to make some new friends.

Host Meet-Up


Associations are (student-run) organisations that host events for students.

They usually host events all year round, especially for their members. They are usually recognised as an official organisation by the university.

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Is Uni-Life free?

Yes, Uni-Life is 100% free for students. We work together directly with universities to ensure that all students can see how many cool & exciting activities are going on!

Where can I see all the events?

To see all events hosted by your university, associations, clubs, organisations & more, you can download the Uni-Life app on both iOS & Android.

Does Uni-Life store any data?

We have a very strict data arrangements with your university that you can find when registering on the app. We collect very little data, and the data we do collect is only used to optimise your user experience in the app.

With which universities does Uni-Life currently work?

At the moment, we are officially partner of the Erasmus University Rotterdam, TU Delft, Tilburg University, VU Amsterdam, Leiden University, Utrecht University & Amsterdam University College.

My university is not there, how can I get Uni-Life at my university?

We are always in talks with many new universities, but if you'd like to help us in any way you can get in touch with us here!

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